The Hundred of Moorooroo Special Edition Fortified

This is something very special. A golden caramel elixir hand harvested late in the season from luscious Pedro Ximenez grapes barrel aged for almost 3 decades. A small edition of very late harvest old vine Grenache rounds out this ambrosial blend.

The scent of molasses and honey washes over you from the moment you open the bottle. Intensity of flavour pulses across the tongue, with waves of chocolate, almonds, cedar, raisins and caramel cohering in to an elegant finish of coffee, orange peel and spices. 

Wyndham has been building this incredibly limited release wine since he first arrived in the Barossa Valley and we’ve been lovingly preparing this wine for release for weeks now. Each individual bottle is hand labelled, waxed and boxed.

The culmination of 35 years of passion, dedication and experience The Hundred of Moorooroo Limited Edition Fortified is available now.

The Hundred

$100 per bottle

Order online or contact Jodie on 08 8563 1148 or