Stay in with Moorooroo | The Hundred of Moorooroo Limited Edition Fortified

The Hundred of Moorooroo Limited Edition Fortified

A very special limited release for us here at Moorooroo, this golden caramel elixir was hand-harvested late in the season from luscious Pedro Ximenez grapes barrel-aged for almost 3 decades. A small edition of very late harvest old vine Grenache rounds out this ambrosial blend.

The scent of molasses and honey washes over you from the moment you open the bottle. The intensity of flavour pulses across the tongue, with waves of chocolate, almonds, cedar, raisins and caramel cohering into an elegant finish of coffee, orange peel and spices. 

Wyndham has been building this incredibly limited release wine since he first arrived in the Barossa Valley and so we’re very proud to be showcasing it through our cellar door. The culmination of 35 years of passion, dedication and experience The Hundred of Moorooroo Limited Edition Fortified is available now.

The Wine

The Hundred of Moorooroo Limited Edition Fortified

Drink with

The perfect cheeseboard
This wine pairs perfectly with creamy sharp cheeses, the salty contrast is an absolute winner. Try this combo:

Roquefort ‘Emotion’ AOC
Cœur de Bray Neufchâtel
Fromager d’Affinois double-créme
Quince paste

Chocolate, dried fruits and nuts
What could be better than bittersweet dark chocolate to contrast the golden sweet Hundred of Moorooroo? Add some nuts and dried fruits to compliment the pair and you’ll be in heaven.

The ultimate finisher
Why trouble yourself to create a food pairing at all. Take your guests from the dining table to the fireside and savour The Hundred of Moorooroo as a showstopping finisher.