Stay in with Moorooroo | Samuel Nitschke Cabernets

Lately we’ve been creating some extraordinary offers to match these unusual times. You guys have been loving our specially curated packs so we’ve decided to bring back everyone’s favourite. 

Our Samuel Nitschke Cabernets have always been a crowd favourite, our signature Cabernets blend, Cabernet Sauvignon (85%) is softened by Cabernet Franc (15%) and aged in barrel for four years. The result is a bold, savoury blend with unparalleled structure and elegance.

There are very few packs available as the 2014 Samuel Nitschke Cabernets is running very low in stock!

A banner vintage for the Barossa Valley and for us here at Moorooroo. The 2015 vintage Samuel Nitschke is peppy and boasts exceptional vibrancy. You’ll detect notes of raspberry and olive on the nose while tasting clove and candied fruit. A classic Samuel Nitschke finishes cleanly with a firm tannin structure, and the 2015 is no exception.

Harvested in mid autumn when the leaves and stalks had dried and the bunches of berries lay in full sun, producing rich dark fruit character. An earthy aroma of cassia and tobacco is followed by a sophisticated palate teasing hints of marmalade, smoke and cedar. Again we see firm tannins in the clean, structured finish.

2014 Reserve
Barrels of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc were hand selected from the 2014 vintage for their exceptional quality. Patiently, we allowed them to reach their full potential through five years maturation in oak. The heaviest of the bunch, the extra time in barrel softens the tannins lending an exceptionally smooth finish. While the aroma is cinnamon, marzipan and woody herbs the palate is plum, liquorice and vanilla. That silky smooth finish is accompanied by a layered complexity that softly lingers. 

Drink with

Many of our winter favourites pair beautifully with any of our current Samuel Nitschke range. Here are some of our top suggestions.

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Lamb Roast
Beef Wellington
Lamb Tagine
Porcini Risotto