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Mooroooroo Wine Packs

We’re introducing new wine packs that celebrate a classic variety or kick off your next summer jamboree! Each pack is curated with occasion in mind, and for a very limited time only, you’ll receive free shipping on any purchase of one or more wine packs!

Summer Party Pack Number 1

This pack features our favourite wines to celebrate with. A collection of classic Barossa fare, bold reds, an intense fortified and luxurious sparkling Shiraz.

The Summer Party Pack Number 1 includes:
 2x 2012 Silentium Sparkling Shiraz
1x 2016 Lotties Shiraz
1x 2016 Harries Grenache Shiraz
1x 2016 Samuel Nitschke Cabernets
1x The Hundred of Moorooroo Special Edition Fortified 

Summer Party Pack Number 2

For those with a lighter palate, summery Grenache and our crowd favourite Cab Franc are supported by Shiraz classics.

The Summer Party Pack Number 2 includes:
 2x 2012 Silentium Sparkling Shiraz
1x 2016 The Moo Cabernet Franc
1x 2017 The Moo Grenache
1x 2017 The Moo Shiraz
1x 2018 Dolce Far Niente Rosso Vintage Liqueur Shiraz

Samuel Nitschke Feature Pack

Samuel Nitschke Cabernets are an elegant delight for anyone with a savoury palate. We’ve collected three of the best examples of this Moorooroo favourite blend in this pack.

The Samuel Nitschke Feature Pack includes:
 2x 2016 Samuel Nitschke Cabernets
2x 2015 Samuel Nitschke Cabernets
2x 2014 Samuel Nitschke Reserve Cabernets

Harries Feature Pack

We’ve decided to do something special with the last of our current vintage by creating a Harries feature pack. We had set aside a very small number of the 2014 and 2015 museum vintages, giving us an opportunity to create a collection of three absolutely stellar wines. 

The Harries Feature Pack includes:
 2x 2016 Harries Grenache Shiraz
2x 2015 Harries Grenache Shiraz
2x 2014 Harries Grenache Shiraz

The Moo Feature Pack

Crowd pleasers and cellar door favourites The Moo has something for everyone. Enjoy the entire range with this new wine pack!

The Moo Feature Pack includes:
 2x 2016 The Moo Cabernet Franc
2x 2017 The Moo Grenache
2x 2017 The Moo Shiraz

Moorooroo Magnums

Each vintage we bottle a very small number of our core wines as magnums. In our current range, we have the last of the 2014 Lotties vintage in magnum format. Perfect for gifting or large gatherings!