Stay in with Moorooroo | 2014 Black on Black Shiraz

2014 Black on Black Shiraz

Our Black on Black Shiraz is handcrafted from the very best barrels, selected from the very best vintages of the Lotties Shiraz. 

2014 Black on Black Shiraz greets you with a luxurious, densely layered bouquet. The heady aroma lingers, even before the wine meets the palate. Rich in body and generous in length this wine is velvety on the tongue with an almost ethereal complexity of flavour. Mulberry, plum and chocolate dominate while cinnamon, raisin and cedar support. Lingering redcurrant, cigar box and black cherry contribute to an elegant finish on an unmissable wine.

You’ll be able to experience this rare wine at our Barossa cellar door for one weekend only, Saturday, March 6th – Monday, March 8th. Booking enquiries to or 08 8563 1148.

The Wine

2014 Black on Black Shiraz

Available Saturday 6th March online and in cellar door

Drink with

Ruben’s Brûlée Steak


  • Scotch fillet steak
  • 1-2 tablespoons of highest quality mustard per steak
  • 1-2 tablespoons castor sugar per steak


1. Cook steak to your liking, we recommend rare, and transfer to a plate.

2. Immediately smother liberally with mustard of your choosing and then sprinkle over the sugar.

3. Using a kitchen torch, brûlèe the sugar. 

4. Serve with a red wine reduction and pomme frites.