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2018 Dolce Far Niente Rosso


It was on a gorgeous, sunny day in April of 2018 when we were harvesting the Samuel Nitschke Cabernet vineyard in Greenock that Wyndham came upon some Shiraz grapes that had been left on the vine in the adjacent vineyard. The juice had a powerful intensity of flavour, luscious sweetness and ample body. And so, he created a wine that was picked by hand and enhanced by only spirit and oak. Enjoy this effortlessly luxurious Shiraz with dark chocolate, tiramisu or sharp cheeses.

Vintage: 2018

Cellar Until: 2048

Availability: 537 in stock

A heady combination of stewed plums, mulberry and salmiac liquorice, it's rich and full with deep, developed layers of cherries and blackberries.
dark chocolate, tiramisu, sharp cheeses
Size: 375ml Region: Barossa Valley
Variety: Shiraz
Vintage: 2018
Standard Drinks: 5.1
ABV: 17.3%
Closure: Screw-cap
Colour: Black Purple
Style: Fortified

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