New Release! 2017 Lotties Shiraz

Available online now!

Lotties is back! Recently we sold out of our 2016 vintage Lotties, so we’re very excited to announce the release of our 2017 Lotties Shiraz. If you’ve visited recently you might have noticed that our love for the Lotties got the better of us and we just couldn’t wait but open a few bottles before the official release. Tasting a new vintage of any of our wines is always an exciting time but the most anticipated of the year is our favourite Lotties Shiraz. Here at Moorooroo 2017 Lotties has already established itself as a stand out.

Lotties is a classic Barossa Shiraz and the 2017 is no different. It’s vibrant and bold with four years barrel maturation softening the edges. 2017 has a unique nose that sprinkles you in rose petals with strawberries on the side, while the palate brings to the fore vanilla bean and hazelnut, with a long velvet like finish this wine exceeds our expectations of the Lotties we’ve come to know. Lotties is one we like to sip in our garden on a lovely spring day as the sun breaks through the clouds, the sun warms us on the outside as the wine warms us from within. 2017 Lotties in comforting and familiar and never fails to deliver on depth or complexity.