Happy Hour with Moorooroo | What we’re drinking

Since we’ve been isolating at home we’ve found extra opportunity to crack a bottle at home with our families. We thought we’d share some highlights!

Reuben’s been working his way through his personal collection of Moorooroo reds. Way to represent! He’s been fortunate enough to find some Museum vintage Harries, and he’s even got a personal stash of Lotties that’s been seeing some action.

Wyndham, Tricia and Jodie have been working through Wyndham’s personal cellar. Jodie refuses to bring any home ‘wine from work’, thus forcing Wyndham to bring out some of his well guarded gems. They’ve been particularly enjoying a few of Wyndham’s ’89 Shiraz and ’95 Cabernet as well as some other local favourites like a spectacular ’92 Henschke Mt Eldelstone.

Tricia’s famous Barossan Style Osso Bucco is on the menu tonight and we can’t wait to see what Wyndham brings out to match. 

In bottle

Our recommended quarantine portion, the ‘save me from the long trek from the couch to the cupboard’ size, the Moorooroo Magnum Series!

It’s currently the only way to get your hands on Lotties Shiraz, until at least June!

Thanks for chilling with us for a little while, let us know what wines you’ve been loving lately by tagging us on Instagram!

Be well.