Happy Hour with Moorooroo | Moorooroo Signature Wine Dinner

Moorooroo Signature Wine Dinner
Friday, July 30th

Our inaugural Signature Wine Dinner last Friday was a roaring success. Our lovely guests were treated to 9 sumptuous courses, lovingly crafted by Wyndham and Tricia to pair perfectly with each accompanying wine. We opened some of our personal stocks of our phenomenal 2010 Black on Black Shiraz and Wyndham’s 1989 Shiraz. With side-by-side wine comparisons, fresh local produce, an open fire in each of our small dining rooms, and lots of thoughtful care, we’re very proud of how the evening went. We’re also very excited to bring you another Signature Wine Dinner on Friday the 30th of July.

Join us again as winemaker & chef Wyndham showcases a new selection of his single-vineyard, organically grown wine with another unique menu crafted around each wine.

Our July feature wine flight will include more rare drops from our personal collection. This is an unmissable opportunity to savour Moorooroo wines alongside tailor-made cuisine that tells the story of each vintage and variety. 

Our Friday, July 30th dinner will be a worthy follow up to our May event at our new North Terrace Hackney location. This intimate affair is limited to just a few places so reserve yours now.

$250 per person

Friday, July 30 from 6:45pm

call 08 8563 1148 to reserve a space or book online

In Bottle 

The Hundred of Moorooroo Limited Edition Fortified.

The scent of molasses and honey washes over you from the moment you open the bottle. The intensity of flavour pulses across the tongue, with waves of chocolate, almonds, cedar, raisins and caramel cohering into an elegant finish of coffee, orange peel and spices. 

Wyndham has been building this incredibly limited release wine since he first arrived in the Barossa Valley and so we’re very proud to be showcasing it through our cellar doors.┬áThe culmination of 35 years of passion, dedication and experience The Hundred of Moorooroo Limited Edition Fortified.

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