Happy Hour With Moorooroo | Check Out Our New Booking System!

Check Out Our New Booking System!

We’re very excited to introduce our new booking system! This new feature on our website allows you to book our wine experiences in both our Barossa Valley and Hackney cellar door locations.

Our range of wine experiences includes a classic wine flight, a wine and cheese flight and a Shiraz and chocolate flight. Our classic wine flight is an opportunity for us to guide you through the Moorooroo range showcasing our considered winemaking style, connection to place and commitment to quality. Our wine and cheese flight features fantastic local cheeses paired with our favourite wines from the Moorooroo range, keep an eye out for an exciting new wine and cheese flight featuring Samuel Nitschke Cabernet museum vintages! For a sweeter tooth try our Shiraz and chocolate flight, a selection of handmade local chocolates enhances what we do best in the Barossa, Shiraz!

We hope this intuitive new system makes it more and more convenient for you to book a wine experience with us at Moorooroo, it’s also a page to keep an eye on for new and updated experiences. 

In Bottle

An exciting, somewhat unvarietal example of Cabernet Franc, the 2016 vintage truly is a wine for a classic palate, with an almost spicy aroma of caraway seed, violet and pencil shavings, it’s juicy on the tongue and tastes of blackcurrants and raspberry compote. Dusty tannins add unparalleled balance while the finish is clean and soft, and sparkles with hints of morello cherries.

Our 2016 Cabernet Franc has been a favourite of long time fans of the variety as well as a host of guests who have experienced Cabernet Franc for the very first time with us at Moorooroo.

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