Happy Hour With Moorooroo | Celebrating from home

Happy anniversary Wyndham and Tricia!

Today, the 15th of May 2020 marks 25 years for our favourite couple! While they had intended to celebrate in Europe this year they’ve decided to spend some time away from Adelaide in the home of their heart, the Barossa Valley. We hope you guys have the very best weekend.

While Wyndham and Tricia relax with a bottle of Silentium, the rest of the team is busy at work with (among other things) two very exciting new projects that we absolutely cannot wait to share with you. Stay tuned, we hope to have the first project ready for you as early as next week!

In Bottle

Our celebration drink of choice the 2012 Silentium Sparkling Shiraz was created from select barrels from the Lotties Vineyard, which are set aside, aged in oak for three years and then individually bottle fermented on yeast lees for two and a half years in the traditional m├ęthode champenoise. It’s an outstanding example of Barossa Sparkling Shiraz, that has a heady aroma of fresh boysenberry, vanilla, spice followed by a bright, lively, moussey palate that sings with plum. The finish is warm and well rounded, and you’ll detect notes of fresh strawberry.

We wanted to say thank you again so much for supporting us. We’re so fortunate here in South Australia to not have been as terribly affected as much of the world by COVID-19.

It seems as though in not too long we’ll be back in the cellar and we hope that you can join us soon.

In the meantime be well, drink well and happy anniversary Wyndham and Tricia!