Nicholas Agar Invites You | Café Philosophique | 1st Thursday of every Month

‘Questions of Our Future’ a bespoke event held at MooBar with 21st century writer and academic Nicholas Agar.

Nick Agar has written a great deal about the philosophy of humanity’s future. His most recent book is with MIT Press – How to be Human in the Digital Economy and addresses how we can survive into a future in which machines don’t only take our jobs but also offer themselves to be our companions.

This Café Philosophique carries on the tradition of the French philosopher Marc Sautet who strongly believed that philosophy must emerge from the academy to meet the people. Here’s a link to one of Nick’s recent pieces on the ABC.

Learn more about Nicholas Agar at his website.

Upcoming questions for discussion:

April 7th

The vast fortunes of Big Social Media took everyone by surprise. How should we prepare for a future in which these companies get even better at selling us stuff and shift from websites to a virtual reality metaverse?

May 5th

The pandemic has exposed frailties of the human condition. How should humanity prepare for a future that may contain surprises even more jarring than COVID-19 or climate change? Will we need to forsake part of what makes us human just to survive?

June 2nd

Do you want to live to a thousand and to have a radically more powerful intellect? Some philosophers – transhumanists – think that exponential technological progress is placing these gifts imminently within reach. The inventor and former child prodigy Ray Kurzweil nominates 2045 as the date technology will deliver these rewards. Should we be excited by this future or resist it?

Join Nicholas at the MooBar 6:30pm – 8:30pm, 1st Thursday of every month for stimulating discussions.

$10 includes your seat and a glass of wine upon entry

Streamed live on Zoom. Login details forwarded upon booking.

Contact us:
08 8362 2458

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