Stay in with Moorooroo | 2017 The Moo Shiraz

The Moo Shiraz is a playful deviation from our flagship Lotties Shiraz. A full bodied wine wine that embodies the spirit of Barossa artistry.  Showcasing the region’s strengths, The 2017

Stay in with Moorooroo | Shiraz

Shiraz is our lifeblood at Moorooroo, we’re proud to be a part of a Barossa legacy. Our journey begins with Shiraz, and our greatest pride is in

Stay in with Moorooroo | Harries

An elegant blend of two Barossa classics. Grenache invokes a brightness of tone with floral aromas, cherries, pomegranate and liquorice; while the addition of Shiraz creates a

Stay in with Moorooroo | The Moo

The Moo wines are our playful deviation from our flagship range. Often lighter wines they embody the spirit of Barossa artistry. They adapt to the